If you live anywhere near Boerne or Fair Oaks, you have to go check this place out. It's the kind of place that just doesn't seem to exist anymore. A bunch of guys who know anything you want to know about any cut of meat you're interested in cooking.

They have a really nice selection of beef as well as a more limited selection of pork and seafood. They make and smoke their own sausage in house and it is awesome! They also have a perfect assortment of odds and ends such as produce and dairy that make it an easy place to stop off to put together a quick meal or save a trip to the HEB. Highly recommended...go see what they have!
- Adrian C. - San Antonio, TX


I have been to a lot of meat markets to buy everything from ground hamburger, to porterhouse steaks, to prime tenderloin cuts for that special dish. But I consider myself lucky to have stumbled onto this small place while having lunch at a restaurant next door (see my review and pics for Las Cruces).

Entering the front door, the smell of smoked meats grabs you by the olfactory glands and reels you in to the back of the store where freshly smoked sausage is finishing its drying process on a rack. There is usually beef brisket or pork waiting in the roaster that has been smoked out back of the store and ready to be piled high on a fresh sandwich bun for one heck of a satisfying lunch.
The meat case is stocked with marinated meats (the T-Bone was one of the best I have had in a while), cheese stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon; some with steak, some with shrimp - called poppers, then jerky, sausage that is made in-house and more various and sundry cuts of meat as well as fowl. Don't see something there that intrigues your carnivorous cravings? The folks who run the store are about as friendly as they come and will custom cut your order and wrap it to go with a smile. I had them prepare a 2.5 lb. tri-tip for the best hunk of "bull neck" I ever laid dry-rub to and smoked! This is some good beef here folks.
Any Alsatians or folks from Castrovile in your group? They will certainly recognize the Parisa for sale here. I have never had it before,'til now, but I would have to say that I like it at least as much as I do a big plate of mountain oysters! And that's a load of bull! - Eloquent Epicurean - Urban Spoon


The store is very neat and clean.  And the three guys I've spoken with are so friendly.  They'll happily provide you with a sample bite of anything you want to try. - Varlerie P.



These guys are the best.
It doesn't matter what you are looking for from something simple as hamburger to the best steak, wonderful seafood, Bison Burgers!!!
You have to try Hector's homemade green sauce, it is addictive.
The service there is the best, they have ground fresh sausage and burger for me right on the spot.  

If you live in the Fair oaks ranch area, you must stop by and try these guys out.

- Chip T. Boerne, TX


We had the most amazing thing happen to us today. We went to Tri-County Meat Market in Fair Oaks Ranch to get some jerky to send to Robert Rodriguez (one of his favorite foods). We asked them to vacuum-seal it because it was going to Afghanistan. We left there with $75 work of beef jerky, turkey jerky, and beef sausage for $20. He said just tell our soldier to send him a picture. They were so kind to us, it made me cry to see and experience people who care about our deployed troops. People they don't know. This was our first time in there. I can promise it won't be the last! I was overcome by emotion and didn't ask for his name. I want to say a huge Thank You for supporting our troops!

- Kim R.


Thank you Tri-County Meat Market for supporting us overseas, lifting our spirits and relieving ours hunger with your amazingly tasty jerky. We all look forward to receiving more of it. Thank you so much. - Robert R.