All of our meat products are carefully selected, prime cuts. We take great pride in supplying the very best cuts because at Tri-County Meat Market we know a great meal starts with quality ingredients.


Our fresh produce is hand selected and carefully checked to guarantee freshness. Our vendors are take great care to only deliver the very best to our bins.

Spices and Rubs

Looking for a special, finishing touch on the grill? Need a great marinade or dry rub? We carry the spices and sauces you need to pre-marinade, rub, or flavor your meal. Not sure what to use? Ask us! We have plenty of experience and will make sure the meat you select comes out perfect.

About Us

Locally owned and full service, Tri County Meat Market is dedicated to providing the best cuts and selections for all of your needs. All of our products, from meats to produce, are carefully selected to provide the best experience and results for any occasion.

Here at Tri County Meat Market, we believe that quality is the most important ingredient. We strive to make sure our customers are satisfied with not only our many products, but with also the knowledge of our staff.

It is our attitude and dedication in providing the very best that makes us a Hill Country favorite. Stop in and see us, and don't forget to sample our customer favorite house made sausage.